Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal ADF Pay Case Update 14 July 2020

The current ADF pay arrangement is due to expire and a new three-year Workplace Remuneration Arrangement (WRA) (2020-2023) is scheduled to commence at the end of this year. The DFWA will once again be involved in the WRA process by way of providing an independent voice to the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal thus ensuring the interests of members of the ADF and their families are properly considered as the WRA is considered.  

DFWA notes that the ADF has released a signal from the CDF (EC20-002623 DTG: 100426Z JUL 2020) and DEGRAM (281/2020 dated 13 July 2020) to alert ADF members of progress on the WRA.  It advises a proposition that will be submitted to the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal for them to consider in August 2020 a 2% per annum salary increase for a three year period, with no loss of any Conditions of Service.

Consistent with the Government direction for a six month deferral of Commonwealth public servant pay rises, it is also proposed that the first 2% increase be delayed from November 2020 to May 2021, with the second and third increases in November 2021 and November 2022, respectively.
In accordance with the government say on SES remuneration increases, the WRA 2020-2023 proposition will not include star rank ADF members. Star rank remuneration will be considered separately in due course.

The DFWA intends to broadly support this proposition and will continue to monitor the situation and keep members updated as the matter progresses.  

In particular, DWFA will continue to support the principle of no loss of any Conditions of Service (a principle we successfully championed in a previous WRA), and will submit that any changes to the proposal, including any situation caused by a resurgence of COVID-19, must be subject to full submissions by the parties. In such a case we would seek to intervene in any consideration of any such changes during the life of the Arrangement.

We welcome any comments or advice members may have on this matter, so that we are in a better position to put an objective, independent view to the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal when it considers the matter in August. We also encourage members to make their views known via their Chain of Command, as outlined in the CDF Signal and in the DEFGRAM. 

Should you have any comments you wish to make, drop the DFWA a note to [email protected]

DFWA also takes this opportunity to advise that later in the year there will be a broad review of allowances (part of the Defence Modernization Project).  This review will be completely separate to the WRA and the DFWA will be keeping tabs on that matter and providing further advice in due course.

Finally, a reminder to all our virtual members, the DFWA has a clear charter to ‘foster the best interests and wellbeing of all members of the ADF and their families in any matter likely to affect them during or after their period of service’.

To allow us to continue our ability to uphold that charter, here is a plea. Those readers who are not full members of our Association, please find reason to join. After all, it is one tangible way to show real support for the hard work it’s many dedicated volunteers undertakes to achieve better outcomes either in protecting the pay and conditions of the ADF men and women still serving, or vigorously fighting for pension fairness of those who once did serve.

After all, you as virtual members by way of your collective voices once played such a central role in convincing the Government to improve a pay deal that was by a wide margin completely inadequate. Joining as a full member of DFWA will give us the capacity to ensure that our collective voice always remains a loud force to be reckoned with. A DFWA Branch in the State in which you reside, or at a Branch of your preference, will be more than willing to help.

A DFWA membership Application Form can be accessed here.

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