Enough is Enough

Bulging wallets and full troughs are part of the political game 

Canberra Suits should wear masks to hide the shame

As Battlers with more taxes and rising costs struggle to pay bills

While at family dinner tables, plates are far from filled 

The Canberra political choir sings its new anthem every day

One catchy line is “Don’t do as we do, but do as we say”

Their battle plan is to cut expenditure and give workers less pay

No penalty rates on weekends will be the new way

How about a book on leadership for our masters to read?

It tells of personal example so essential if you are to lead 

For example, never tell of cuts to weekend penalty rates

As you grab extra pieces of silver from a Treasury with unlocked gates

We need sound direction if we are to be who we should be

Rid us of crippling red tape, deceit, foreign aid and lunches so free  

Snub the smothering political correctness which pleases very few

Return our freedom of speech and stop telling us what we must do

Oh to have our own Gandhi with an Ocker accent to lead

Driven by respect and vision for the people and not conceit or greed

Perhaps a new Joan of Arc or Winston rallying us to seek tomorrow 

Someone to rid the constant bickering, excuses and feigned sorrow

Many of us tire of being treated as mushrooms on a far distant range

Can’t you hear the people shouting “there has to be change?”

A time may come when the call is “Enough is enough, for God’s sake”

Let’s hope there’s no foolish taunting reply like “Let them eat cake”

George Mansford ©June 2017


  1. steve monteath says

    Are we forgotten, will the new kids on the block be like the rest? Will the governments/politicians/Departments be lined up for our funeral processions? Will they shed a tear? Will there be flowers?
    No, none of these because the day we dropped was the day they stopped. [paying pensions, issuing Gold/white/orange cards/TPI’s and advice] So all round we have saved the Nation by departing? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

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