History – Building the RAR National Memorial Walk

This history of building the RAR National Memorial Walk was written by Margaret Gibbons who with her husband Kiwi Gibbons (The Curator) were part of the group of pioneers who brought the NMW concept into reality. The Regiment is indebted to Margaret and Kiwi for their dedication to “Keeping the Spirit Alive”. In recognition of their contribution to the veterans community both Kiwi and Margaret were awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM).


We need your help to complete the record by identify those persons in the photographs. If you are able to then please email the details to Ted Chitham at [email protected] Please use this format: Picture # (Number in sequence from the first photo (#1) consecutively to the last photo); Names in order left to right (as you look at the photo) and in rows front to back. Guesses are acceptable. Thanks for your help.

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