The Afghanistan Inquiry and the spotlight on Special Operations soldiers conduct in a theatre of war is very emotive with a very wide spectrum of opinions within the RAR Family, as many of the soldiers are former members of The Royal Australian Regiment.

Regardless of personal opinions on the Inquiry, it is important to be aware that the primary role of the National RAR Association is to look after the welfare of current, former and the families of our soldiers. This letter from the Assistant Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force, Major General Paul Brereton, AM, RFD outlines both an understanding of how important this concern is, and what the ADF & DVA are doing to care for those affected.

Dear General Melick and Colonel Fitzpatrick

Thank you for your letter of 21 January 2020, which I received, by email, on 22 January. I have taken some time to reply because I wanted to let you have a comprehensive response, and also because of competing demands.

I welcome your interest in the welfare of persons who may be affected by the Inquiry, in particular as witnesses, and the opportunity to explain the measures that the Inquiry has adopted in that respect. In your letter you express concern about the impact of any potential adverse findings against those who have previously served as members of the Special Forces, as well as the widows of the fallen and their families. As you will no doubt be aware, the essential task of the Inquiry, which is being conducted at the direction of the Chief of the Defence Force, is to ascertain whether there is any substance to rumours and reports of breaches of the laws of armed conflict… read the full letter here

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