National Memorials


The inscription stones at the Sadler VC Street and Regiment Way entrances to the NMW say
“In Australia they will remember me. Here is their spirit, in the land that they loved. And here we guard the record which they themselves made”
– G.W. Bean, official War Historian

The Inscription Stone at the Regiment Way Entrance

And here we, the RAR Association Queensland, accept responsibility to maintain the National Memorial Walk as the showpiece and home of the Regimental spirit.


The Curator, Kiwi Gibbons, together with Dad’s Army, a dedicated group of willing and able (some disabled) volunteers, give loving attention to the continuous maintenance tasks.

Every Monday morning from 7.30 to about 10.00 am, they turn out to cut lawns, rake leaves (mainly from Alf Handley’s planted Moreton Bay fig tree in 1956, when as a digger he was ordered to plant a tree in A company 1 RAR Lines and now it’s over 30 ft high), spread mulch, clear drains, trim the over 1,000 trees and hedges and other innumerable grounds maintenance tasks.

For those on “light duties” other tasks related to the Contemplation Building’s cleanliness and care of the memorial plaques is completed. Darcy Dugan performs the living memorial task of placing a remembrance poppy for the anniversary date of death for each man on the Honour Roll alongside his name. Ross Langford is our mower maintenance man.

Battalion Associations also take their turn on work on a rotational basis on the first Saturday morning of every month. The Curator tasks the rostered Association on a specific project. The following BBQ at Diggers’ Rest is well received.

The National Memorial Walk

Visitors to Brisbane are welcome to join us at any of these work activities. The support from the Defence Corporate Services, the Environmental Officer and the Enoggera based army units is greatly appreciated. Without them our tasks would be harder.

Capital enhancements are planned to improve Walks facilities, and provide easier access for visitors. A touch-screen kiosk will assist visitors to locate deceaseds’ memorial trees. Funds are provided from grants, contributions and donations from many sources: chiefly DVA, RAR State, Battalion Associations, State and local government and visitors.

As the NMW becomes more widely known, there is an increase in the number of visiting groups and individuals. To date over 10,000 persons have visited the Walk. The Curator is on call to brief and escort groups at the Walk.

Entrance to Enoggera Barracks is via the Lloyd Street entrance. (UBD reference Map 138 Q 11). As the Barracks is a restricted place, entry is by a visitors pass obtained at the Main Gate Security office. Note that photo identification is required.

Queensland War Memorial Register

The Queensland War Memorial Register is a Queensland Government website which includes a comprehensive list of War memorials within Queensland, including the RAR National Memorial Walk.