Opinion – Defending our Lucky Country

                A Lucky Country that Used to Be. Once upon a time our nation was free of internal strife; the treasury was healthy; industry and agriculture were booming, while huge deposits of rich resources were being discovered. The lucky country was flourishing. 

The lessons from war had been relearnt yet again. The RSL quite rightly preached “eternal vigilance” and wise politicians’ concurred with voice and action.  Australia possessed a small but effective military which included two aircraft carriers, modern fighter and bomber aircraft. A national service scheme was introduced for all 18 year to boost military numbers. The scheme also had a favourable impact in enhancing discipline and responsibility in a changing society. However in a short time, it was no more.    

In an age where science and technology are advancing at incredible speeds, we have committed many billions of dollars for 12 diesel powered submarines which will be obsolete long before they become operational, two decades plus from now.  The loud cry “Eternal vigilance” is now just a meek soft whisper.

Today the Treasury is empty, and the factories gather dust and cobwebs. Our mineral are still sent overseas and returned as expensive items to buy.

Covid 19 demonstrated quite clearly how vulnerable we are in relying on other nations for our needs. We have slowly surrendered past expertise and intent which is so important for a nation in developing a high degree of self- reliance. Even worse is that we have been selling off the farm so to speak, and unbelievably still are.  Perhaps it has been caused by greed, incompetence, or simply ignorance. Whatever the reason, given our current lack of self –reliance, and the assumption the USA will always be there to support us in times of danger, is sheer folly

Education of our youth with emphasis on the three Rs and social discipline was well graded and respected within the western world.  Today, despite increased funding, the opposite is true.

Political correctness, tolerated by most political parties, is brewed in large quantities by unknown witches, and is poisoning our way of life

We are excited with diversity, yet tongue tied and paralysed in seeking unity.

There has been a terrible drought in regards vision, social standards, direction, unity and sense of purpose for our nation in recent years. The consequences of such poor political leadership and bickering are many, and today many feel betrayed by those we elected to guide and lead us. We can and must find the right direction into tomorrow. Our proud history demands it.      


                      Defending our Lucky Country

When it comes to our security, “What a tangle web we weave” 
Or is it a trail of brilliant deception our Canberra masters leave. 
Political correctness is the new bible for our military to follow
We applaud heroes, yet for their deeds, there may be Court Martials and sorrow.

Loud cries of “Eternal vigilance” have become faint timid whispers now and then 
Warships for our very large moat are few, and more are not known when
Obsolete submarines yet to be built will be manned by those still to be born
Someone saw us coming, and as sheep to the shearing shed, we’ve been shorn. 

Stop pandering noisy fools who want us to be what we must never be Let’s end political correctness, and thaw frozen tongues to speak free
Alas, rusty spears from yesterday and bunkers for space age weapons are bare  
Forgotten are lessons from war and our Castle’s parapets in poor repair.

Too much reliance on Uncle Sam who is aging with signs of a cold
It’s time to strive for more of our own muscle, so let’s be bold. 
To protect our way of life, no matter blood, sweat and tears, we must be as one
Unity, spirit and purpose are the keys; for without them, the foe has already won.

The feared, drowsy dragon of old to our north is now wide awake 
Reaching out with false smiles and promises for gullible countries to take.
Buying sovereignty for gold which slowly turns to sharp and poisonous thorns
Occupation with deceit or the subtle threat of fiery breath and sharp horns.

We must become self-reliant to meet threats, if in case we are alone
It’s time to shake off apathy and put shoulders to the grindstone
Our nation has heard the angry tramp of foreign military boots before
In our time it may be heard again, and besides, there’s already an economic war.

We need vision and a plan which every one, young and old can see Strong leadership and purpose at all tiers to achieve what must be.
No delays or changes of direction to placate noisy minority
To keep our lucky country safe and secure is our urgent priority.

To harvest precious water and counter drought and floods which we endure
The use of science which can help our way of life to be more secure. Seek excellence and discipline in our schools, far better than it has ever been
To hear the sound of factories powered by coal, nuclear and hydro schemes
All of this and more is how best we can help douse the greedy dragon’s fire   

George Mansford©May 2020

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