Opinion: Stark Reality Not Fiction 2

In past weeks we have seen demonstrations cleverly orchestrated by a small trained army of agitators. Clearly there is a rule for the mob to do as they want, and another for law abiding citizens to comply with or be punished. 

Our proud history is being distorted and vilified by ignorance and spite without even a hint of legal challenge. Just as infuriating, and a test for even the most disciplined within our law-abiding community, are the assaults on historic landmarks scattered throughout our nation, honouring individuals and events from our past,. Wanton destruction of monuments smeared with paint, scrawled obscenities, chipped, smashed and toppled has become the norm. Just as alarming are the meek and negative responses from our authorities. 

Mind you, on rare occasions when such crimes are challenged, there is a national charade of a blindfolded lady with her tampered rusty scales of justice, and there lies the very causes of a dangerous social problem. 

Instead of effective deterrents, there is compromise where there should be none.  Instead of strong leadership to confront the dangers, there is clear evidence many of our politicians are with heads buried very deep in the sand. 

We are being betrayed in political arenas where corruption and manipulation of our laws is rife, and many elected representatives are more concerned of personal interests than the welfare and security of our nation. Is this our wooden horse? Could there be a foe more dangerous than an enemy within? After all, who would lease a portion of Darwin’s port to foreign interests?

The threat to our society is real, and is hovering over every home in every suburb, town and city to the far distant outback. Our greatest strength should be unity and yet we are constantly bombarded with a theme of them and us. We speak of one nation and yet the flags surrounding it hint of fragmentation.

We are exposed to constant preaching of flaws from our past yet never recognition of its strengths. We tolerate the toxic lies, distortion of history and abuse of our most powerful weapon, free speech. The laws we uphold with discipline and respect are treated by the mob with contempt. We are well aware that our national pulse beat is faltering from the constant poisoning by those who seek their own new world, and yet our elected members lack the courage to use the obvious antidote to ensure law and order. 

Our politicians quite rightly preach that our youngest generations are our most valuable asset for our nation’s future. Incredibly, the same church in Canberra turns a blind eye to the subtle brain washing of our youth for a new world order.

Our nation seeks vision and purpose but is offered blinkers with false promises. Consequently, hard- working families with empty pockets and scant food on dinner plates grow restless at the thoughts of an unknown tomorrow, while elected Suits living mid opulence, ignore a flickering light slowly turning red.

Despite growing threats from a fiery dragon, some adults playing with toy boats in bath tubs, spend countless billion for a submarine fleet which will not be operational for at least another 25 years. (By which time there may be nothing left to defend)

Simply put, our way of life is in great danger. We need leaders who will take a firm and positive stand, this very day, to begin ridding our country of this sly and cunning subversion which at the moment is winning. Lessons from history are being ignored. The cry “Peace in our time” from Britain’s Prime Minister on the eve of war in 1939 is a reminder of the futility from constant appeasement to avoid the inevitable.  .

The time is well overdue for politicians to burn their ever- growing number of white flags, and act now, this very day. After all, positive action by our Suits will perhaps justify solemnity on those sacred occasions, when we honour our men and women who made the supreme sacrifice defending our way of life.

Who knows? Because of apathy and living in a fools’ paradise, we may well forfeit our sacred day and memorials which are our beacons to protect our children’s children in their tomorrows. In their place could be shrines to worship political correctness. Then later, they too could disappear and be replaced by edifices overflowing with Chinese culture, to remind all who the new master is.  

If there is to be national purpose, will someone in Canberra tell us what it is? How? And when?  If we do nothing, then soon or late, there will be a New World Order with its terrible consequences for those with free tongue and mind.  

Now I must away, I hear the sound of military boots and unfriendly knocks on my front door. Is it because I am left- handed? Having a rebellious tongue? Or has some bxxxxxrd dobbed me into the  mind-keepers for being a Christian?

George Mansford

       A story of ignoring lessons from the past A war we did not seek

Can you recall those distant drumbeats of war
Hear echoes of weeping kin sobbing “what for?”
Past fears and doubts in every town
Smiles of victory, or in defeat, glum faces drooping down
Air raid sirens, sandbagged shelters, and giving solace to each other 
Children, asking why and seeking comfort from mothers
Fear of visits by sad faced messengers knocking at the door
Loved ones wounded, missing or are no more?

               Lessons soon forgotten and apathy reigns

Perhaps you arrived on Planet Earth after the guns went quite
When blissful peace reigned, and prosperous futures so bright
Our proud flag flew high and all as one, we sought tomorrow
Our history well known, including mistakes and sorrow
Then our leaders grew lazy, and slept and slept
The Devil preached ‘‘of buying cheap,” as dying factories wept
Borrowed foreign coin everywhere, and deep debt became the norm
Foreign lands saw easy gold, and precious Aussie sovereignty soon shorn 

     The battle for the minds of our young who will lead soon after tomorrow          

Stumbling into the space age with flawed foreign computers bought
Dare to mention the First Fleet, Phillip or Cook and marks will be nought 
The life of early days penned by Henry and Banjo rarely heard or seen
Political correctness confusing young minds with him, her and in between
Such nonsense steals precious time from three Rs, science and true history too 
Gone the days of teachers cuddling an infant who knows not what to do
Parental neglect of social discipline is becoming a nation’s burden and sorrow
Schools must not be recruiting grounds to aid radicals destroy our tomorrow. 

        History being repeated which we have failed to learn from

Shadows of past apathy are returning for all to see
Sounds of rattling iron to chain a precious way of life so free
We’re fast asleep in our castle with few sentries and wide- open doors
Space age brown shirts are bullying and threatening more and more
Political correctness slowly smothering free speech for you and me
Nazis burnt books in 39; today lawless mobs destroy precious history
Danger threatens from Wokes, a fiery dragon and brown shirts reborn
Wake up OZ; Stand tall as one, if we are to survive evil man- made storms

                                 George Mansford © June 20920

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