Opinion – Watch Our for Dragons and Wooden Horses

The sleeping dragon which our forefathers warned us about, is now wide awake, hungry and clearly on the prowl. To discourage its appetite, Canberra recently announced its intention to enhance our defence capability with more space age weaponry. Unfortunately, such measures do not counter a large Trojan horse already in our own backyard which threatens our precious way of life.  It feeds on violence, bullying, threats and lies. To add to such woes is our lack of national sustainability and self- reliance. One could argue that this is our Achilles heel this very day. No matter the cost, and despite increasing debt, we must begin to convert that weakness into being our most powerful weapon. 

Within that wooden horse are self – ordained ministers preaching political correctness; WOKES distorting history, Brown Shirts demanding a new world order.

All three sleep in the same bed and their intent is to destroy our way of life. Their unruly public demonstrations show contempt for our law, science, culture and history. For them, free speech is toxic to their cause and their weapons to counter truth are abuse, lies, threat and violence. Their platform has no room for second opinions. Their strategy includes infiltration of schools where their distortion of truth begins in the very early phases at primary levels and refined in universities. They pursue their ultimate goal with immunity, despite our laws and need for disciplined social behavior. 

Both State and Federal governments simply ignore the violations, or use velvet gloves when chiding, and wet tram tickets as deterrents in once respected courts of law. The consequences provide further incentive for social disobedience as well as a growing unrest within the law abiding community.

The Trojan horse within our castle walls is hell bent on creating a new world built on ignorance, collective fantasies and greed for power as well. The internal threat is sinister and real. Thus, as well as purchasing space age weaponry and other budget shattering defence needs, (but please God, not obsolete submarines 25 years hence) we should reassess where all the keys to security lie, and act accordingly.  After all, it would be pointless to establish an impregnable fortress, if in time our treasured way of life is to be destroyed by the enemy within. Simply put, it’s time to confront brown shirts, political correct preachers and WOKES, with the full force of the law. 

We have been asleep at the wheel and complacent with the belief that in times of peril, Uncle Sam will come to our rescue. In this troubled and rapidly changing world, such assumptions could well be a dangerous and foolish assessment. We have to understand and prepare for the worst scenario. With sound planning and energy, we can become a nation with sustainability and self-reliance and which will be the sharpest of our spears. 

There must be goals which are understood and pursued as a nation. The task list is not new, and must include discipline and education of our youth, busy factories, infrastructure, dams, cheap power including hydro, nuclear energy and much emphasis on science. Above all, to enhance unity and a proud belief in who we are and what we can do as one people. Time is the essence. It cannot be delayed with broken promises and excuses. Now is the time to act.  Falter, and there will be no safe and bright tomorrow.

 History records our past and its immense challenges which were overcome with strong purpose, and all as one.  All of us, united, must do this once more and vow never again to be so stupid as to ignore lessons of history. Our future kin will read of this and understand why in their time, they too will live in a happy, free and vibrant nation.

George Mansford ©June 2020

    Watch Out! The Brown Shirts** and other bullies are on the streets   

Screaming and chanting in the streets
Space age puppets driven by mindless feet
In the mob’s wake is the litter of hate
Spray cans, burnt flags and torn pages of rules of debate

Proud images of our past, broken, toppled or painted with vandal spite
Fools who scorn our history of courage, faith and a fair go forever so right  
They smear sacred walls etched with names of our fallen who gave all
Brave men and women who joined war’s columns to answer the call. 

Nurse, butcher, baker, drover, clerk, teacher and shearer, all as one to fight
They too walked in the park where in time their memorial would be on site
Perhaps on the spot itself, to joke, laugh and dream of what would never be 
They were young, the world was theirs, and they lived in a land so free.

Today the street is crowded by a noisy few chanting hypocrisy as their call
To distort our past, and new rules to slowly strip freedom from all
Our way of life to be stolen, replaced by persecution, and Piety branded taboo
No compass to guide us into tomorrow; only the ignorance of a demented few .

Beneath scarred sacred names of heroes, is our unbeatable spirit they’ll never know
Love of country, freedom, blood, sweat, tears, and pain of chains and lash from long ago

   George Mansford ©June 2020

**Brownshirts were Hilter’s  thugs and bullies who in violent ways aided Hitler’s rise to power 

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