RAR Bibliography: Update 30 April 2020

The RAR  bibliography records the known published and unpublished history of the Regiment since its formation in 1948. Here is the latest update from our RAR Registrar Russell Linwood who reports an additional 101 entries in April.

“The RARA Bibliography has now reached 1,235 entries. Data entry, and the great bulk of the research, has been carried out by one or two people on a volunteer basis. This is wonderful work but it is not efficient: we need more contributors.

The upside of this project is that, once generated, the ever-expanding number of entries constitute a rich source of concentrated history about the RAR. It will now never be lost, and can only grow.

Every possible source of material on the RAR can be entered into the Bibliography. Please see https://rarnational.org.au/bibliography/ for an overview, and access to the Bibliography.

We now ask the full RAR family (past and current serving members and their families) to pitch in with leads to RAR sources, especially all deployments and other activity post-Vietnam. There is a wealth of electronic recordings especially videos, audio tapes and articles that we need your eyes to identify and report.

To avoid duplication, I ask you to either review the Bibliography description online (e.g, if you have something on Afghanistan, look in the section on Afghanistan in the applicable Part) OR contact me Bibliography Register Russell Linwood on  [email protected] ph 0403544866 for the latest master listing which contains every entry.

Thanks for your support.
Duty First”
Russell Linwood
RAR Bibliography Registrar

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