Rural Aid Promotion – Support our Forgotten Farmers

#BeeAnAngel Day is here, and we’re spending the day celebrating Australia’s littlest livestock – honeybees!

Join the movement and show your support for Australia’s beekeepers through our Hive Aid initiative.

Australian beekeepers have recently experienced devastating bushfires coupled by years of intense drought. Over 50,000 hives were burnt in the bushfires, and remaining bees have struggled to survive with a dramatic reduction in their food source – flowers and plants. Honeybees are the key pollinators for many fruits and vegetables. Over one-third of Australia’s produce relies on these bees for pollination – without bees, many of the shelves at local supermarkets would be empty and the farmers’ market favourites we take for granted would be in short supply! 

Your contribution will help #SaveAussieBees by providing financial and practical support to beekeepers. 

Not only do we need your support, we need your help to spread the word. How can you help? Encourage your friends and family to support our beekeeping industry too!

Thank you for your support. Together we can #SaveAussieBees!

We’re in this together.

The Rural Aid Team

Rural Aid
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