Update on Open Arms Regional Group Program

Open Arms is required to postpone our face-to-face groups as a result of Covid-19 restrictions but are committed to being available to provide support to all current and former ADF personnel and their families. As an alternative to our face-to-face group program, we have developed an online format of programs and workshops. The online format will be two sessions of about 90 minutes each and will promote wellbeing in a psycho-educational format. We encourage participants to attend the face-to-face groups when they return later in the year. 

Online groups available now include: 

  1. Mental Health First Aid: Self-paced online. 
  2. LivingWorks Start Suicide Prevention Training: 90-minute online training program. 
  3. Survive to Thrive: Our online version of Stepping Out which provides ADF members and their families information and skills to manage the transition from ADF to civilian life. 
  4. Doing Anger Differently: Helps participants understand anger and manage it more effectively. 
  5. Understanding Anxiety: Helps participants understand anxiety and teaches skills to reduce anxiety. 
  6. Recovery from Trauma: Explains the impact of trauma and develops skills to help participants manage it. 
  7. Managing Pain: Helps participants learn about pain and develop skills for effective pain management in their lives. 
  8. Sleeping Better: Explains the causes of disturbed sleep and teaches skills to effectively manage sleep. 

Head to our website to see which dates these programs are being offered and register your interest through Client Assist or the Expression of Interest tab on the website, or if you require further information please contact Open Arms 24/7 on 1800 011 046. 

Open Arms will continue to support veterans and their families with a variety of alternatives to face-to-face groups until restrictions are lifted. 

Kind Regards 

Open Arms Group Program CWR 

1800 011 046

A service founded by Vietnam veterans, now for all veterans


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