Following a recent CONTACT  article that suggested 2 RAR would ‘cease to exist as an infantry battalion’, new details have emerged. In an article in ARMY newspaper today, the commanding officer of 2RAR referred repeatedly to his unit as 2 RAR (Amphib) and suggested the unit would be reduced to a headquarters and three sub-units. […]

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Mr Dan Tehan today encouraged Australians to visit The Anzac Portal website after a recent renovation. The Anzac Portal website aims to promote awareness of Australia’s wartime history.  Mr Tehan said the portal now contained information and educational resources spanning campaigns from the First World War to contemporary military and peacekeeping operations. To coincide […]

SBS Insight Tuesday, August 15, 2017 – 20:30 Are our soldiers equipped for the transition to everyday life? This week, Insight speaks with veterans to see how prepared they were for civilian life and what can be done to make it easier. READ MORE

It’s the largest amphibious assault for Australian troops since WWII but the generals are hoping Exercise Talisman Sabre 2017 delivers another first in proving capability to deploy an emergency “9/11” style force to respond to insurgencies or other regional emergencies. READ MORE

Ross Eastgate, Defence columnist for the Townsville Bulletin opines on this subject 13 July 2017 “As the ABC for whatever reason selectively leaks socalled ‘secret’ reports of investigations into alleged ADF special forces activities in Afghanistan, the ADF leadership is conspicuous by its silence. Reports the ADF Inspector General (IGADF) and the ADF Investigative Service […]