Documentary Video – The Battle of Fire Support Base Coral

It will be shown on the History Channel this Friday (November 11) Check your local TV guides for viewing times.

A documentary created by USQ Lecturer (Media Production) Leonie Jones about Australia’s largest battle in the Vietnam War will premiere on the History Channel on Remembrance Day this Friday (November 11).

The Battle of Fire Support Base Coral chronicles the largely untold story of the biggest and most sustained battle Australian forces had been involved in since World War II.


Ms Jones said she wanted to make sure as many people as possible know about the three-week battle, where 25 Australians lost their lives and more than 100 were wounded.

“I wanted the story to be told to give a sense of closure to the soldiers because they have never been publicly acknowledged for their sacrifice,” she said.

“There is a lot of focus on the Battle of Long Tan, but there were a lot of other battles that were fought in Vietnam by Australian soldiers.

“I am very happy the veterans have finally been able to find a voice and get their story out to the general public.”

Ms Jones travelled across Australia and Vietnam to interview more than 150 veterans of the Battle of Fire Support Base Coral as part of her PhD research.

The documentary, which has been seven years in the making, uncovers how the 1st and 3rd battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment fought courageously hand-to-hand against overwhelming Vietnamese forces.

It is believed that if Australian forces hadn’t won at Fire Support Base Coral, Australia would have pulled out of Vietnam in 1968.

Highly-acclaimed Australian actor William McInnes tells the important story, which includes actual footage, photos and artefacts from the battle, as well as interviews with surviving soldiers.

Mr McInnes’ voice-over narration for the documentary was recorded at USQ Springfield’s state-of-the-art media centre.



  1. Jenny Heid says

    Please help me find out where to purchase the CD on The Battle of Coral Documentary narrated by William McInnes. My husband was there and is desperate to get his hands on it and I just can’t find it anywhere.

    • Trevor Dixon says

      I have forwarded your request to a number of people and given them your email to hopefully provide a lead or contact to obtain a copy of the CD.

    • Rob Costello says

      Hi, Our Association, 12 Field Regiment ( Vietnam Association has the
      Distribution rights to the Corral movie as was given to us by the producer, Leonie Jones. The copies we are selling are the original first cut of the film. Fox owns the copy right of the television version and is not for sale. Email me if you wish to purchase a copy. $25.00 plus $3.00 postage.

      • Tim Donohoe says

        Thats fantastic news, thanks. I’d certainly like to purchase a copy. I’d better check if any of my mates want one too.

        • Rob Costello says

          Tim, Let me know when you want it and I will send you my banking details and I will pop it in the mail on payment.
          Thank you, Rob Costello.

  2. Jim Cowan says

    Hi. One of my neighbours was with the Australian Artillery unit at Coral during this battle. He never talked about what happened and I would like to see this video/DVD if possible. Can you tell me where I can buy it. Thanks.

    • Rob Costello says

      Hi Jim, Our Association, the 12 Field Regiment (Vietnam association has the distribution rights to the first cut of the Coral movie. you cant buy the Fox version, on which there is little difference, as they have copy right.. Our version is $25.00 plus $3.00 postage. Email me should you wish to purchase. Who is your neighbour? As I served in the Artillery unit as well.

  3. Tim Donohoe says

    Hi, was wondering if you can help me find where i can get to see/purchase the doco THE BATTLE OF FIRE SUPPORT BASE CORAL? I don’t have pay tv so i missed the original airing. I’m also trying to find where i can see/purchase the movie on Long Tan called “Danger Close”. If you can point me in the right direction that would be great.

    • Rob Costello says

      Hi Tim, Our Association, 12 Field Regiment (Vietnam Association has the rights to the first cut of the movie. The TV version is owned by Fox and cannot be purchased. There is little difference to our version and that of Fox. Should you wish to purchase email me and I will point you in the right direction The cost would be $25.00 plus $3.00 postage.

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