Government Welcomes NMHC Review into Veterans’ Mental Health

The Government today received the National Mental Health Commission’s (NMHC) review of suicide and self-harm services for veterans and members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Dan Tehan
Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and Defence Personnel Dan Tehan and Minister for Health Greg Hunt acknowledged receipt of the review.
“The Government has a responsibility to the men and women who defend our nation and we are committed to addressing veteran and ADF suicide,” Mr Tehan said.
“The Government will look closely at the recommendations in this review and respond in due course. We will also release the full review to the public on Thursday.
“This review will complement other Government initiatives to tackle suicide.
“We have made mental health treatment free for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and drug and alcohol misuse conditions for anyone who has served one day in the full-time ADF.
“And last year the Government released the first-ever robust data on the incidence of suicide among past and present ADF personnel and more specific findings will be released this year.”

Minister Hunt said the findings and recommendations from the Review would be an important consideration in the rollout of mental health services.
“We’ve already announced the establishment of 12 suicide prevention trial sites across Australia – including one in the Townsville region that will have a focus on veterans’ mental health,” Mr Hunt said.
“The Commission’s report will be used as a guide to inform ongoing trial design and suicide prevention strategies developed and implemented.”

28th March 2017


  1. all very nice….I wonder will they fix the root of the problem? DVA ….
    DVA…..WHAT DO THEY DO? They assist the veteran to commit suicide by: Delaying all applications….usually rejecting the first one…when another is submitted…long delays….then rejection again….then a veteran who is upset and dont know the DVA game becomes upset,confused, perhaps drinks too much and tops himself.
    DVA plays games…keep cool, when you get to the AAT IN 6-9 MONTHS, YOU WILL BE FAIRLY TREATED. (70% of cases are approved AAT. yes DVA will have a barrister to try to win and will tell you you may pay if you lose…If your case is honest…YOU WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!

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