Justice for Trooper Donaldson ex SASR

The Royal Australian Regiment Association is delighted in the recent outcome for Trooper Evan Donaldson in the recognition of his SAS qualifications and his war service recognized whilst serving with that Regiment in Afghanistan, Iraq and Timor-Leste.

The fight to have this service recognized, which was alleged to have been criminally altered in Trooper Donaldson’s service records, has been an eight year fight by Trooper Donaldson and his wife Phoebe and sadly a slight on the system that is supposed to protect you and in particular in the sensitive role of SAS Operator.

After reviewing Trooper Donaldson’s strong and irrefutable evidence supporting his position and the flimsy and ambiguous statements and comments coming forth from Defense and their “attack dogs,” our Association decided to support Trooper Donaldson and his family in this action not only because we believed him and in the evidence presented but because as an ex serving member of 3RAR he is a member of our Regimental Family.

Everyone who has served in our Regiment and their families are assured that through our Association they will always have an attentive listener and advisor and a strong shoulder to lean on if they are experiencing difficulties. There was never a greater difficulty than Trooper Donaldson defending his service and integrity and we were very happy to provide moral support and use our influence with the authorities to address the matter.

This wonderful result then leads me into a segue where Senator Brian Burston of the One Nation Party addressed the Senate on 21st March 2017, in relation to the Rifle Company Butterworth (RCB) where lies, deceit and deceptive conduct by the Government and Defense has denied members who served over the period 1970 to 1989, their legal and appropriate recognition and entitlements. Recently declassified Top Secret documents support these allegations.

How it is in the Donaldson case and the Rifle Company Butterworth (RCB) issue, members employed by the Crown can change, adjust personal records or create false documents with the intention of misleading the electorate with impunity and arrogance?

It’s not what we expect from our elected members or employees of the Crown in any capacity and it if there were more serious consequences and exposure of these miscreants it may help to stamp out this unconscionable conduct and practice, in particular when you are playing with people’s lives and integrity and most importantly their dignity.

Well done Evan Donaldson and we will continue the fight for RCB.

Michael von Berg MC OAM

National President

22 March 2017



  1. Bill Klaus says

    Well done team for helping this young trooper get a small measure of justice. Over time Defence has become more obtuse and politically correct, and less interested in those they’re supposed to support. Army has a lot to answer for. Bloody disgraceful.

  2. This was really wonderful news, it should never have had to occur in the first place though, should it?
    A compatriot of mine spent years ‘stirring the pot’ over ADF inaction and downright dishonesty, eventually his persistence was rewarded but why should soldiers have to justify their very existence to some pencil necked official be they military or civilian…

  3. Diethelm Fritz Ryschka says

    Australian Forces part of the MACV was awarded the CGWP. Now given ad hoc as a nicety to certain units, but still not to the whole that were awarded the CGWP it’s theirs but not according to the powers to be, silly isn’t it. Nothing surprises me about, they in power do and will do. Just would be nice if they do their paper work correctly and honour those commitments made to those they put on a chopping block.

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