Memories- Faith -Love

For   Rene and Wilson

Each dawn I reach out from restless sleep to hold her close to me

All I touch is a cold silent empty space and I wonder why it had to be

How is it possible the Planet still spins with such energy and life

When she is no longer part of it; my dearest, dearest wife


Now there’s a smothering silence with flitting shadows on the walls

Broken at times with low echoes of her sweet laughter and fond calls

I still see her at the table as we planned with yesterday’s dreams

Seeking our tomorrows together and learning from where we’d been


Such a wonderful comforting sight after returning from distant places

The sudden joy of finding her waving mid a cheering sea of faces

Together, hugging, laughing and loving once again

Long before those flitting shadows on the walls and deep biting pain


Some said time will heal all after several seasons

There were others who tried to help, offering other reasons

Yet for me when night arrives, I am still restless and blind

The house is silent, empty and my sweetheart I cannot find


There was of course the most fortunate part of my life

When she agreed to become my wife

How lucky could a soldier bloke be?

For each glorious hour we had together, my precious girl and me


I see her in the garden, by the front gate or walking down the street

The beautiful memories flood me day after day, yet we never meet

There will be a time when I turn a special corner I know not where

I will find her smiling, waving and waiting for me there.


George with his daughter Sharon


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