Opinion – Drill foot sores get the boot

THE aim of close order drill, it was said, was to instil into the individual soldier a sense of instinctive obedience required of him at all times.
This was critical in those days when male troops marched to combat in formation, then deployed in predetermined, practised tactical postures to engage an enemy.
Whether they faced their foe in a square or in three ranks, those rehearsed drills were essential in ensuring maximum fire could be brought to bear from single shot muskets, or to prevent a foe from breaching a line.
These days drill is purely ceremonial, an ancient relic restricted to basic training and occasional regimental displays.
Drill’s most passionate practitioners, drill instructors or drillies, are without doubt the military’s prima donnas, by one definition “a very temperamental person with an inflated view of their own talent or importance”.
Now it seems drillies and prima donna ballerinas may have more in common than once presumed, while standard military footwear has left a sad legacy of lifelong injury.


  1. I believe it was also used to instil self-discipline in the Solder as well as instinctive obedience to command. As far as the military foot wear goes, yes there is room for improvement and I don’t know if the Parade gloss boots have any extra cushioning. And no, before you start on the “if it was good enough for us oldies”crap, have a look back to the 70’s when it was restricted to run in GP’s for any great distance.

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