Opinion – Time for the RSL to get off its knees

If ever there was an act of national moral cowardice it has been the RSL’s nil response to plans to cancel some Anzac Day commemorations this year over possible terrorist threats.

Anzac Day symbolises our national battle honour and the right to commemorate it as our Anzacs did must never be compromised.


The RSL would be wise to reflect on its motto that ‘the price of liberty is eternal vigilance’.

It should also take heed of President Roosevelt’s dictum that’ it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees’ when dealing with governments of all persuasions.


Article by Vietnam Veteran Charlie Lynn.  

He is  a candidate for NSW RSL president in a ballot to be conducted in May 2017. He retired as a major from the Australian Army after 21 years service. He later served in the NSW Parliament for almost 20 years. A veteran of 84 Kokoda Trail crossings he was inducted as an Officer of the Order of Logohu in the 2015 PNG New Years Honours List.


  1. Phillip Lakeland says

    Ridiculous, we/you must still march that’s exactly what they want, If we stop they win. Its a disgrace to even think that ANZAC day could even be compromised in anyway by the minority, our politicians need to wake up be aware, that this is Australia and it has to remain so with our values steadfastly in place. The above quote by Roosevelt goes without saying. WE ARE AUSTRALIANS STAND UP FOR THOSE VERY RIGHTS AND RESPECT ANY MAN WOMEN OR CHILD WHO HAS BEEN ONTO THE BATTLE FIELD. THEY DID IT FOR US. RESPECT IT AND THAT MEANS ENSURING THAT ANZAC DAY IS NOT DISRUPTED IN ANY WAY, REGARDLESS OF GUTLESS MORONS WHO GET A PRETTY GOOD RUN IN THIS COUNTRY EVEN THROUGH THE JUDICIARY WHEN THEIR GET CAUGHT.

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