A Proud and Sacred Place

               A Proud and Sacred Place












When you visit this memorial of granite stone

Its silent sentries forever standing on guard alone

No matter your walk of life, young or old, you are part of it all

They are you and you are them, so be proud, stand straight and tall 

Listen to the faint bark of orders from a faraway parade ground

Catch on the breeze the songs they sang with such happy sound  

Hear distant bugles sob and the drums in rhythmic pounding beat 

The stirring thump of marching feet 

Recall when ugly storm clouds hovered and our nation did call

So many generations stepped forward to give their all

Watch as blurred columns of yesterday’s youth march by 

Battle honours sewn on regimental colours flying high

How many dreams of warriors which were never to be

Lost in the din of war and where the blood of our youth ran free

See again the faces of those who did dare

Now resting in a peaceful place which the living know not where

Today a new generation wears the regimental badge with great pride

The regimental torch held high as they seek tomorrow, side by side

The ANZAC genes are strong as anyone can see

Mateship, love of country, wit and battle discipline as it used to be

This sacred place is now another milestone of our nation’s history 

A reminder of past sacrifice to ensure a way of life for you and me

Etched are the words “All gave some. Some gave all”

While echoing from the past, “Duty First “is the never ending call


Lest we forget

George Mansford©June2017


Note: The Memorial is located in Ferguson Park on Samford Road, Enoggera which is immediately opposite the northern entrance to Gallipoli Barracks. Brisbane City Council has approved that portion of the Park to be named The Royal Australian Regiment Place.



  1. Phil Buttigieg says

    Mood changing words that usher an inward silence and treasured memories. Lest We Forget

  2. Butch Mathew says

    More of George’s good work

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