RAR Overwatch – Mates caring for each other

At the RARA’s National Council Meeting in Adelaide 2-4 October it was unanimously agreed that we endorse Overwatch Australia  and specifically participate in supporting RAR Overwatch.

We see RAR Overwatch as an active part of the RARA’s role to protect the wellbeing of the RAR Family.  To that end we will advocate for its operational and financial support from DVA and other sponsors and promote it  through our RAR network to our RAR Family with encouragement  for individuals to join them in whatever capacity they want.

OVERWATCH AUSTRALIA (OA) Inc. is a not for profit national organisation tasked to reach out and assist current and former Australian Defence Force (ADF) members and their families.

Its primary mission is to take a “boots on the ground” approach to assist personnel who are in danger of self harm, or are in trouble with the law, or are in financial difficulties or are in hospital or just need someone to visit. It also guides people in the right direction for services which Overwatch does not provide.

OA is one of the very few crisis organisations that pro-actively identifies and communicate direct with those in need of crisis assistance rather than waiting for their request. It does this through a network of volunteers who gather information from social media (facebook, etc) and other sources, and after verification of the need task the nearest volunteer first responders to attend.

To join as a volunteer follow these instructions:

  1. go to your own facebook and in the search window type in RAR Overwatch, a drop down box will appear with selections, click on the  RAR Overwatch closed group.
  2. That will take you to the RAR Overwatch Facebook page where you will see in the picture a window box that’s called Join, click on it.
  3. You will receive a personal message (pm) on your facebook asking for verification. Reply to it
  4. A further pm will be sent to you explaining the OA operation – welcome

To join as a financial member go here

Pass the word guys.

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