Senate Inquiry into Veteran Suicide extended to 15 Aug 2017.

Suicide by veterans and ex-service personnel – Senate Inquiry Extended to 15 Aug 2017.

In terms of setting expectations, the committee emphasises that it is not in a position to address individual claims of rehabilitation or compensation for veterans and ex-service personnel. The committee’s focus is on the broad issues raised in the terms of reference of the inquiry.



  1. steve monteath says

    This cant be hidden, cant be denied. All Federal & State politicians should have the outcomes as mandatory reading and comment.

  2. Tas Browning says

    For far too many years these issues have been a big part of the Veteran and ex-service personnel and ignored, I do wonder how many of these issues will be dealt with and given due recognition to all who have served?
    My theme is “Walk that mile in my shoes”

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