Tehan Media Release – More than 1,000 jobs for Veterans flagged

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Dan Tehan today  (17/06/2017) said more than 1,000 jobs flagged as suitable for veterans had been advertised on the Government’s jobactive website as part of the Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Program.

Mr Tehan praised the positive response since the Government had added a ‘Defence Force Experience Desirable’ category to its jobactive website



  1. Should do some good this. I hope it does, younger vet’s especially need to stay in the working world if they can’t or don’t want to stay in service.

  2. steve monteath says

    My son leaving pussers in August after 6 years Service cant even get an interview with public service. Not bad for a spook eh!

  3. Fair Go,how do older veterans cope when they reach Compulsory Retirement Age (CRA) 60 65 for Reservists when Pensionable is beyond 65. Yes I know lower your standard of living, fish heads and rice for tea for this veteran tonight.

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