In response to the rumour circulating the veteran community and inciting a call for action that the Government intends to disband DVA to be taken over by the Department of Human Services – Centrelink, the DVA Minister has released this Statement.

“The Australian Government is committed to a stand-alone Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA). This has been an election commitment by the Coalition over successive elections and remains Government policy.

There are no plans to merge DVA with the Department of Human Services (DHS). There is no meeting planned for this week and there is no agreement to be signed in the near future to subsume DVA into DHS.

DHS manages DVA’s ICT infrastructure under a Memorandum of Understanding that was signed in 2011. Prior to this agreement DVA’s ICT infrastructure was outsourced to IBM.

There has been no change to DVA’s recruitment policy. DVA continues to recruit in-line with Australian Public Service policy, with a priority on hiring staff who are passionate about supporting veterans.”

RARA Comment.
Our policy is not to publish any rumour whose initiator is unwillingly to identify themselves or sources.




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