Training for War – Soldiering

Training for War

One of the latest trends emanating from Canberra is how to enhance Political Correctness via the Armed Forces to higher levels. The military obediently stands to attention as the lash is applied and after the salt has been rubbed into the wounds, does its best to repair the damage.

Today there is new warm fuzzy feeling that the problem is Anglo Saxons. It’s claimed they have been the dominating force in our military and at the expense of minority groups. Thus a recent directive is a quota system for all. Clearly the old practice of seeking the best of the best, no matter the origins has been discarded.

One requirement will never change and that is combat readiness is developed with tough demanding and realistic training where mental and physical toughness becomes paramount. Where mateship is conceived on the parade ground and becomes reality in the field. Where they share that last mug of coffee, sleep in the freezing cold and embrace each other for warmth or huddle together draped in a wet sodden blanket in bone piercing icy winds.  Slowly but surely arrives an awareness that they will rely on each other for survival.

Our military history clearly shows that no matter race, colour or religion, they all wore the same uniform and with the same purpose.

There is no need to brainwash or use space age gimmicks to highlight a particular group. The new initiative which emphasises diversity is far from achieving unity and has every chance of fragmenting the team.

Unity, not diversity, is the key to achieve “All for one and one for all”

There is ample evidence to be found, such as Charlie Mene, a Torres Strait Islander decorated for going forward under fire to rescue his white mates.  Sergeant Charlie Anderson, a proud aborigine killed in action and his platoon wept at his loss. History records the much loved Captain Reg Saunders, the first aborigine to be commissioned and when in the thick of a battle, one of his soldiers yelled, “This is no place for a white man” and their leader yelled back “No place for a black fella either”

The critics would on many pages find true blue Aussies such as fair headed Ziggy Imaks, born in Lithuania. Swarthy Tony Parrello born in Trieste, Von Kurtz born in Germany (and at school was part of the Hitler youth) and even a Muslim who never brought his prayer mate. Huddled together, black, brown, brindle and white, they all ate the same food including devout Catholics such as Bluey Doyle who in the field was never offered fish on Fridays. They were all of the same team with the same purpose and would give all for each other. Sadly some of them did.

They were welded together, not by political brain washing but because they had met the tough demands of soldiering together, “all for one and one for all” regardless of religion, race or colour.

No matter who they are or where they come from, tough and realistic training prepares them for war. Given mental and physical toughness combined with a highest standard of battle discipline and sense of purpose, they will endure all. Raw recruits from yesterday who met the challenges of battle discipline become today’s best of the best and not necessarily in equal ratios from each quota, be it black, brown, white, brindle, uni- sex or in between.

Let all recruits be from the same box with the same rules and considerations. After all, they will fight together and risk all together.

George Mansford March 2017



All of us together, how many miles did we walk 
Or over a few beers, so much banter and talk
Sharing the dangers of our time
All those dreams, yours and mine 
Didn’t matter what our race or colour 
Simply put, we were brothers
Some were teased for past walkabouts and hunting game
Their answer was finding food for white bastxxds in ball and chain 

When it was all over, we went our different ways 
Then political correctness crawled in on a dark miserable day 
PC ***zealots, frothing at the mouth prowled the social scene
Pointing fingers at old soldiers for racism (which had never been)
I recalled all with whom I served
Such accusations they did not deserve
Black, white, brown and brindle, we were as one 
Long before these PC disciples lives had begun

How dare they decide there is a need to change
To target and distort the past when they are far out of range
History records the deeds of such soldiers throughout the ages
So many scattered among our proud military pages  
Charlie Mene from the Torres Strait risked all to save white mates
Jacky Walsh was always there when needed and never late
Reg Saunders who commanded was respected and loved by all
Sergeant Anderson whose men wept when he did fall  

We bled, starved and thirsted together yet always ready to dare
Read my lips, for we were as one, no matter when or where
Canberra Suits and PC witches should bugxer off and do their sums
To understand that we will always, always be as one.
George Mansford © March 2017

Some computers have been programmed to prevent the delivery of messages with such obscenities. My apologies if I offend you however I was reared on basxxxrd and buggxx  off

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