A True Blue Army Wife – For all Military Wives. Past and Present

She was a soldier’s wife all those years

So many brave farewells while hiding fears

Both mother and father when he was away

Always busy, cheerful and waiting, waiting, day by day


A cycle of postings and shifting family to places unknown

Tearful farewells to familiar places where friendships had grown

The tests on love with moving and organising children and pets

Arriving at a lonely, empty house and no sign of the furniture yet


Gloomy small married quarters she quickly made so bright

Love and laughter in her new home, be it day or night

Always enduring the tests and demands of military life

Never complaining, for she was a soldier’s wife


Ready to lend a helping hand to new arrivals or those in strife

It was part of the creed of being a warrior’s  wife

A breed of their own and always so close in thick and thin

Such was their friendship they could have been next of kin


After long separations, such joy to greet him home

He was safe and she with her brood were no longer alone

Until once more she would bravely smile as he waved hooray

Then count the months and weeks until that wonderful magic day


Time marches on and a new family arrives at a well-used gate

Nothing’s changed, there still the same fear and the long, long wait

Always the constant demands associated with military life

Is it any wonder why old warriors salute each and every army wife?

George Mansford © November 2016



  1. Dan shiels says

    Another gem from Colonel G

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